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 NAMA                 : EMI KALSUM
 NIM                      : 06122503022
TP Week End 2012

Before I arrived at Sriwijaya University Masters Program
Before I came to Prodi Educational Technology Masters Program University of Sriwijaya, there are many things I do. Me PPS Unsri browse through the website and read about each study program whatever is in the Master Program Unsri can synch with my initial study of the Chemistry Education and also with my work as an educator, so I can choose courses where appropriate with educational background and career support my work.
There are several courses in the Masters Program Unsri especially in tune with the education that made me interested in taking as a continuation of my studies at the Masters Program is Unsri Technology Education Program, according to the study or analysis of my needs, because this study could support the program in my work career . And so I decided to take the Educational Technology Program.
Next I applied via bill payment on behalf of the Bank of South Sumatra d Unsri Rector. N then uploads the data to the PPS Unsri via Website: After the test and passed the test and received Allhamdulillah in Educational Technology Studies Program Masters Program is Sriwijaya University ..

Your First Day
The day I set foot in PPS Unsri is attending Matriculation. Glad and happy it was, I was able to study this Unsri d PPS. I met with Prof. Dr. Abd H.Fuad. Rachman, chief Prodi M.Pd Educational Technology and also he is one of my lecturers who deliver education to earn a bachelor's degree in stratum 1 a few years ago. His charisma and educators as a father I loved. After that I met with colleagues of the educational technology courses were also those many who work as educators like me .. there are in the city and countryside as well as me. They gave their friendship was so warm. And also the lecturer of the course is also very great and friendly and also friendly. For 10 days I attend college matriculation enough to make me a little inconvenience with the tasks given by the lecturer of, perhaps also because I am not used to. But Alhamdulillah, with the cooperation of members of the task group to be rather mild and can be done well until my last day attending college matriculation

The next day
I'm proud to go to the PPS Unsri. Following days start serious steps to pursue this course that I will be graduating with approximately 4 semesters with a very satisfactory result value. Allahumma Amin Amin Ya Rabb. Study Plan and then start taking upper division courses are good and hard in the first half and eventually Alhamdulillah obtain good results with the study.

Tourism heart
In the evening on Friday night and Saturday night I attended an English course at language institutes PPS Unsri to improve my toefl score to reach the 450 because yesterday my toefl exam time he graduated yet .. he .. my toefl bit slow to load. By the time the course was a lot of expressions of happiness that I bisarasakan. I can laugh because the behavior of friends who are sometimes wrong in pronunciation of the English language is not good and true. Add more pronunciation of words in the English language if it is mentioned by the father of inheritance (one of the friends of the class) made ​​our class laugh out loud. Sometimes we got to laugh because it was so funny. and I feel it is very helpful in reducing fatigue I attended lectures on Saturday - Sunday. It was a relief ... Fresh back ... that's what I feel like wiasat liver. Thank you very much my friend .. See you again in the second half

Semester two ...
A variety of activities and tasks that I have to finish college on time coupled with my job as a teacher at SMAN 1 Kandis one of the latest high school in the district in Ogan Ilir regency. Rather remote rural school 10 km from the provincial road. All require energy and time is not small but pleasant enough though exhausting and mind. yea ... made me quite exhausted (wkwkwk..). But all that I am working with a sincere and honest, so that made ​​me stay motivated (excited ... Allahu Akbar!!). I follow the semester came two English classes. English Lecture eyes Amnestied by Dr. Joseph Sopendi and Dr. Suhuri. Our first meeting (and my classmates) with father sopendi very fun at all. We are a class trained to say "thank you" in English and it was very enjoyable all. It turns out that during the pronunciation is correct I think it turned out not true. And we trained until we can say thank you it properly. Then the week - next week I dissolve in college and my job duties. Came the end of the second semester this time I followed the UAS of course that I took. one of which is the subject of the English language. Final Exam semester assignment is "WRITE YOUR EXPERIENCE DURING YOUR STUDIES AT LEAST 500 WORDS HERE.
I hope the Semester Final Exam can be managed with maximum results. Thank you Mr. Dr. and Mr. Dr. Joseph Sopendi Suhuri which provide many valuable lessons for me and my friends. May Allah reward all his good deeds with the father as the best reward. amen

See you the next study. Bye .. bye ..

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